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[Review] Joe Buzz

Joe Buzz is a really neat product. It is a small snus pouch designed to be placed between your gum and lip, left in for 30 minutes, and then discarded once the high amount of caffeine has been absorbed through your oral membrane. Of course, I was immediately reminded of the Revved Up Energy Dip […]

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[Review] Shock Coffee: Triple Latte Energy Blend

Is it possible to put into any less than a measly paragraph or two the importance of canned coffee and the impact it has had on our modern world? No, it isn’t. Canned coffees have helped the advancement of education, provided extra funding to cancer research, helped prevent preteen pregnancies among American girls who have […]

[Review] Adina: Caramel Kick Coffee Energy Drink

I recently reviewed Adina: Vanilla Nut Case, an entirely organic coffee energy drink that proved to be a pleasant departure from the life of chemicals and artificial flavors I have chosen to lead. In fact, while Vanilla Nut Case only managed a score of 7.43/10 (Good), it still influenced me to try another product from […]

[Review] Adina: Vanilla Nut Case Coffee Energy Drink

I love vanilla. Those of you who followed my energy reviews on religiously (Hi, mom!) probably know that. It is my favorite flavor of all time. Vanilla cake, vanilla ice cream, vanilla coffee, vanilla chocolate, vanilla, vanilla clam chowder — anything vanilla is almost always a complete treat for me. Except for the vanilla […]