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[Review] Hype Energy Enlite

By Kat Leonard Okay. I am not a girlie person. Nor am I TOO concerned about my figure. But apparently there is some sort of market out there for energy drinks geared towards women. I am a woman. But that doesn’t mean I want a pink can. I am almost offended by the fact that […]

[Review] Whoopass Energy Supplement

By Kat Leonard I don’t really have a lot of times when I actually NEED to open up a can of Whoopass, but that doesn’t mean I won’t when the time calls for it. Oh yes. I am willing and able to open up that can. Usually when I do open it I’m trying to […]

[Review] Louisville Cardinals Red Bird Energy Drink

Energy drink brands licensed by sports teams or athletes almost always suck. Really. The closest thing I’ve had to an energy drink endorsed by a pro sports athlete was Amp Tradin’ Paint, and that was licensed to the Dale Earnhardt Jr. name, and he’s not an athlete. He’s a race car driver. And anyone who […]

[Review] Rumba Energy Juice

It was a couple of months ago that I laid my hands on my first can of Tango Energy Juice, a cocktail of 100% juice and plenty of added goodies to help get you through the toughest part of your day. Rumba is a cousin to Tango, and houses the exact same energy blend with […]

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[Review] Xyience Xenergy: Lemon Blast

I’m sure that a lot of you who don’t know me assume that I’m an exceptionally fat, lazy sonofabitch that sits on his ass all day and does very little with the chemical energy I put into my body, instead letting it sit and be absorbed into my growing collection of pounds and thigh dimples. […]

[Review] Free Sin Vitality Drink: Greed (Lemon)

Sins you can commit without consequence are awesome. Things like becoming a Catholic Priest and swearing celibacy for The Lord only to turn around and molest small boys are usually fair game for all God-loving individuals. It’s also great to claim to love God and all of His children only to turn around and tell […]

[Review] Shock Coffee: Triple Latte Energy Blend

Is it possible to put into any less than a measly paragraph or two the importance of canned coffee and the impact it has had on our modern world? No, it isn’t. Canned coffees have helped the advancement of education, provided extra funding to cancer research, helped prevent preteen pregnancies among American girls who have […]

[Review] Liquid Nitro

Drinking liquid nitrogen would be a stupid idea. Drinking Liquid Nitro? Now that’s completely different. This little-known gem of an energy drink isn’t a deadly chemical that freezes things on contact, but instead an energy supplement chock full of all sorts of herbs. I’ve heard of it before, but never ran across it until I […]

[Review] Crunk!!! Energy Drink

A while back I reviewed a product called Crunk Stix. I didn’t like them. I thought there was a decent amount of potential behind them, but energy powders are very similar to energy shots before they were perfected. The idea is awesome: super portable and convenient energy in a similar form factor to Pixi Stix. […]

[Review] Guru Iced Tea (Green Tea Honey-Lemon)

I enjoy tea, and I enjoy the idea of organic products. It’s weird, because I usually don’t enjoy energy teas (Save for the Slap Energy Drink products and a few others) and I generally don’t like organic energy drinks (except Syzmo’s Prickly Pear flavor and maybe some others). So why am I taking a chance […]