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[Review] Hype Energy Enlite

By Kat Leonard Okay. I am not a girlie person. Nor am I TOO concerned about my figure. But apparently there is some sort of market out there for energy drinks geared towards women. I am a woman. But that doesn’t mean I want a pink can. I am almost offended by the fact that […]

[Review] Whoopass Energy Supplement

By Kat Leonard I don’t really have a lot of times when I actually NEED to open up a can of Whoopass, but that doesn’t mean I won’t when the time calls for it. Oh yes. I am willing and able to open up that can. Usually when I do open it I’m trying to […]

[Review] Louisville Cardinals Red Bird Energy Drink

Energy drink brands licensed by sports teams or athletes almost always suck. Really. The closest thing I’ve had to an energy drink endorsed by a pro sports athlete was Amp Tradin’ Paint, and that was licensed to the Dale Earnhardt Jr. name, and he’s not an athlete. He’s a race car driver. And anyone who […]

[Review] Xyience Xenergy: Lemon Blast

I’m sure that a lot of you who don’t know me assume that I’m an exceptionally fat, lazy sonofabitch that sits on his ass all day and does very little with the chemical energy I put into my body, instead letting it sit and be absorbed into my growing collection of pounds and thigh dimples. […]

[Review] Free Sin Vitality Drink: Greed (Lemon)

Sins you can commit without consequence are awesome. Things like becoming a Catholic Priest and swearing celibacy for The Lord only to turn around and molest small boys are usually fair game for all God-loving individuals. It’s also great to claim to love God and all of His children only to turn around and tell […]

[Review] Liquid Nitro

Drinking liquid nitrogen would be a stupid idea. Drinking Liquid Nitro? Now that’s completely different. This little-known gem of an energy drink isn’t a deadly chemical that freezes things on contact, but instead an energy supplement chock full of all sorts of herbs. I’ve heard of it before, but never ran across it until I […]

[Review] Crunk!!! Energy Drink

A while back I reviewed a product called Crunk Stix. I didn’t like them. I thought there was a decent amount of potential behind them, but energy powders are very similar to energy shots before they were perfected. The idea is awesome: super portable and convenient energy in a similar form factor to Pixi Stix. […]

[Review] THiNQ (Sparkling Citricity)

About two months ago I posted my review for the Mixed Berry flavor of THiNQ, and now I’m finally back with a long overdue critique for Sparkling Citricity. Though in my defense I have been slowly polishing off the entire case sent to me by the kind folks at THiNQ HQ, taking mental notes on […]

[Review] Guru Iced Tea (Green Tea Honey-Lemon)

I enjoy tea, and I enjoy the idea of organic products. It’s weird, because I usually don’t enjoy energy teas (Save for the Slap Energy Drink products and a few others) and I generally don’t like organic energy drinks (except Syzmo’s Prickly Pear flavor and maybe some others). So why am I taking a chance […]