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[Review] Joe Buzz

Joe Buzz is a really neat product. It is a small snus pouch designed to be placed between your gum and lip, left in for 30 minutes, and then discarded once the high amount of caffeine has been absorbed through your oral membrane. Of course, I was immediately reminded of the Revved Up Energy Dip […]

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[Review] Love Energy Potion

By Xaquiri Daiquiri Sigh… Love. What a beautiful thing. There is nothing more splendid that finding that one perfect match for you. The one person that matches you to the deepest degree. The person with which you can make sensual, sweet love for the rest of your life. Your soul mate. Sadly, not everyone is […]

[Review] Revive Energy Mints

First off, I’d like to apologize to all of my readers for not posting a single update to the site since October 22. Yeah, I’ve been really busy lately. School, working two jobs, running for mayor, and simultaneously playing through Dragon Age: Origins and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask has really taken up a […]

[Review] Theazine (Energy Supplement)

Generally speaking, energy pills aren’t really my thing, and I’m not quite sure why. You can get as much caffeine out of a couple of tiny capsules as you can from an entire leading brand energy drink, only without all the sugars, carbs, and sodium often associated with highly caffeinated beverages. So when the good […]

[Review] Amp Energy Gum (Citrus Flavor)

Energy gums are certainly nothing new. I remember going to Blockbuster once a day just to get my hands on a pack or two of delicious, caffeinated Jolt Gum; one of the greatest energy candies I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming. It tasted great, had a decent texture, and it actually worked! And then […]