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[Review] Love Energy Potion

By Xaquiri Daiquiri Sigh… Love. What a beautiful thing. There is nothing more splendid that finding that one perfect match for you. The one person that matches you to the deepest degree. The person with which you can make sensual, sweet love for the rest of your life. Your soul mate. Sadly, not everyone is […]

[News] Harcos Labs Introduces New Love Potion

Harcos Labs, the folks behind a host of thoroughly awesome energy products like Health Energy Potion, Nuclear Energy Powder, and both Blood and Zombie Blood, are launching their newest product just in time for Valentine’s Day! Love Energy Potion looks to keep the form factor of Mana and Health Energy Potions with its mystical vial-like […]

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[Review] Headshot Mega Energy Shot (Apple Slam)

I’ve had this shot for a few months now, sitting on top of my mini fridge and gathering dust. I came across it earlier today while I was doing a bit of Spring Cleaning, and it fell out from under a pile of old porno magazines and Taco Bell wrappers. I was up late last […]