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[Review] Unwind Ultimate Relaxation

I, as anyone who has read my review for Drank or ViB likely knows, am a huge fan of relaxation drinks. However, I hardly ever get to enjoy them since literally no gas station around where I live carries any brand of any type of relaxation shot or drink, which is why I’ve only reviewed […]

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[Review] ViB: Vacation in a Bottle (Pomegranate Berry)

Vacation in a Bottle, or ViB for short, is the exact opposite of what I usually review on this site. Much like the recently critiqued Drank, ViB is an anti-energy drink — a beverage that induces lax and calm feelings as opposed to bursts of excess energy. While it is true, as you all surely […]

[Review] Drank: Extreme Relaxation Beverage

A while back I reviewed something called the Mini Chill Relaxation Shot, which I granted a very high score of 9.0/10 partially because of its refreshing taste, appetizing aroma, and fair value. The thing that really won the product such a positive review was the fantastic way it makes you feel. You see, as the […]